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Participant Code of Conduct

Please keep in mind that this is a very new site and this Code of Conduct is likely to go through a series of changes as the site culture develops.

New Voice reserves the right to update this Code of Conduct at any time.  You will be notified as changes occur.

This Code of Conduct applies to all use of the site, including private messages.


Civility is a core value at and the best thing to keep in mind in order to engage here productively.  We are all on the same team here.  Please treat other participants civilly.  If you disagree with someone's stories or ideas, attack the ideas, not the person.

This applies to not only other site participants but New Democrats in public service as well.  If you disagree with the words or actions of NDP representatives, criticize those words or ideas.  Or even better, articulate better positions.  Do not attack other New Democrats.  Do not call other New Democrats names.

We're all adults here and civility is a reasonable expectation.

Cross Posting

If you wrote it, we don't care where you post it. So feel free to take your own blog's content and slap it up on, including a link to your own blog. However, take note of the spamming restrictions below.

Rules (Not Allowed)

Doing any of these things may lead to being warned, suspended or banned from retains absolute discretion in determining whether a participant is violating the Code of Conduct.

DO NOT engage any of the following:

  • Threats and/or calls to violence
  • Bigotry
  • Insults and/or name calling
  • Intentional Misinformation and/or Defamation
  • Revealing a pseudonymous user's real identity
  • Abusing the Ratings System
  • Stalking
  • Copyright violations
  • Spam
  • Sock puppets
  • Profanity in Titles

Again,  New Voice retains absolute discretion in determining whether a participant is violating the Code of Conduct.

Content that violates the Code of Conduct may be hidden or deleted. Users violating the Code of Conduct may be warned, suspended, or deleted.

Any participant who has been previously banned and re-registers with another user name can and will be banned again without warning.

Continued participation on these boards is at the sole discretion of

New Voice welcomes your feedback on the Participant Code of Conduct.

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