An online platform for strengthening NDP grassroots democracy

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Welcome to New Voice

NewVoice is a new engagement platform designed to assist the NDP grassroots in online organizing.

NewVoice could be a combination of several things in one:

  • A space for party members across the country to communicate and demonstrate support for various politics and policies.  An empowered grassroots could take a leading role in shaping the direction of the party.  The Federal Leadership Campaign is about to take off… and where else is there to really talk about it en masse?
  • An outreach tool to engage soft NDP supporters in meaningful discussion about the role the party in protecting their interests.  If supporters can witness the party membership reflecting their values, they’ll identify much more with us.
  • A media channel with crowd-sourced, upvoted content to ensure the party can compete in the modern media landscape.

If NewVoice sounds appealling, and you’d like to get involved sooner, please join now!

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